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Gallery of HorrorGallery of Horror 1983

~ Talent
by Theodore Sturgeon

One Word Review: CREEPY

When ever a story involves children as the “monsters,” the creepy factor is sure to double, maybe even triple. Sturgeon did this, and he did it all in seven pages! Imagine a child with unlimited power, the ability to make his every whim come true, then take away his ability to empathize and his conscience. Joachim, or Jokey as he was called, was a monster.

I know of Theordore Sturgeon’s works, but this was the first time I’ve ever read one of his stories. It blew away the other stories I’ve read in Gallery of Horror this week. Not only was it disturbing and creepy, it was Horror as it’s finest. I never saw the twist at the end coming; which makes this a 5/5 Skulls tale!


The Author:

Theodore Sturgeon (26 February 1918 — 8 May 1985) was an American science fiction author.

He was known to use a technique known as “rhythmic prose”, in which his prose text would drop into a standard poetic meter. This has the effect of creating a subtle shift in mood, usually without alerting the reader to its cause.

His most famous novel is More Than Human (1953). (via Wikipedia)