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Dragon*Con is less than a month away. When we bought our tickets last year (just after the 2011 convention) I thought the wait would be excruciating. We often think that, don’t we? But time always zooms past us and then we are left thinking where did the last year go?

I haven’t been to Dragon*Con is many, many, many years. I doubt it will be the convention I remember. For my daughter, this will be her first experience at a large convention. We are going to have so much fun! There will be a lot of wandering, buying, playing, late nights, etc. But there will also be workshops, talks, a ton of art, awards and more.

I’ve signed up to attend the Writer’s Hourly Workshop 2012 with Timothy Zahn: Saturday, September 1: 11:30am – Seminar 7: 101 Ideas in an Hour.

I will also be at:

Pyr Rising – Pyr Publishing presents its up & coming writers and selections- Friday 2.30 pm, Location: Regency V – Hyatt.

How Do You Take Your Steampunk — Light or Dark? – Monday 1pm in Int’l A (Roundtable Room)

I may also be at The Vampire Diaries panel because my daughter will have a fit if she doesn’t see Ian Somerhalder (the actor who plays Damon Salvatore).

It’s doubtful we’ll see everything, since the convention spans more than three hotels, but we’ll have more than enough to keep us happy.