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One of the highlights from my pseudo-vacation was the release of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead. I became hooked on the comic after a friend bought me The Walking Dead: Book One–a hardcover edition containing issues #1-12. I’m a little quirky when it comes to comics. Since I have Books 1-7 I didn’t want to buy the single issues or even the trade paperback volumes. The seven hardback books sitting on my shelf would look out-of-place if I began mixing it up, so I began reading the remaining issues as digital comics on my iPhone. (I LOVE the Comixology App!) Yes, I have a touch of a OCD.

My brother is also a huge fan of the comics and the show. However, he has no qualms when it comes to buying all the single issues. While at his house this past week I was able to read the physical copies of issues 97-99 before the 100th issue released on Wednesday. To celebrate, the creators released #100 with twelve different covers. I decided to break my tradition and buy a physical copy. I went with the more expensive Chromium Edition.

The Chromium Edition has a sturdier cover, close to that of a trade paperback, and it’s metallic. If I was going to buy a single issue it had to be special. 😀 The above image is a scan of my copy, below you can see the metallic nature of the cover.

Photo from DailyDead.com

When I returned home yesterday, my friend who incited my addiction let me know he had bought me The Walking Dead #100 SDCC 2012 Exclusive Edition! This cover has a limited edition run size of 7,500 copies. It felt like Christmas all over again!

What did I think of issue 100?

In short: Wow. Damn. OMG.

Spoilers Below!!


Glenn’s death was shocking. I stared at the page for over a minute, disgusted but mesmerized too. (Not sure what that says about me…) I knew someone from the core group would die, but I never imagined it would be Glenn, and I never imagined it would be so brutal. I’d grown complacent. I thought any major deaths would be at the hands of zombies. I’d forgotten how evil some of the people are in Kirkman’s world. The experience left me shocked, but not fulfilled. This issue was suppose to be ‘extra-sized’ but it didn’t seem any different than the other issues.

Despite that, I’m dying to know what will happen next. The group also lost Abraham, one of the muscle characters. Everything feels more precarious than ever.