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I’m not lucky enough to travel anymore or take a holiday to the beach (I’ve done quite a bit so I don’t feel bad), so any chance for a break, even if it’s house-sitting for my brother, is welcome. That’s where I am this week and this is how I’m spending my pseudo-vacation.

1. See the Avengers for the 3rd time.

2. Go swimming at a friend’s house and learn to play Munchkin Cthulhu.

3. Have a Walking Dead marathon.

4. Go to my old comic shop and buy two issues of Night of 1000 Wolves.

5. Collect treasure from daily dog walks.

6. See the new Spider Man movie.

7. Take a trip to the Book Nook.

8. Try single serving wine…in a plastic cup…

9. Visit an Atlanta comic shop for the 100th issue of The Walking Dead.

10. Play a Kraken in King of Tokyo.

My daughter and I are also enjoying the City of Decatur, it’s shops and restaurants, as well as the beautiful homes and gardens. We are also planning on visiting Fernbank Natural History Museum before heading back to the country. See you again soon!