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First, you need one of these:

Second, you should plan to stay in the water all day (and into the evening). It also helps to surround yourself with awesome, like-minded friends and good food. 🙂

My friend Courtney brought this heavenly dish:

Source: mommyimhungry.blogspot.com via Courtney on Pinterest

The high’s this weekend were between 105 F and 108 F. I kid you not. Georgia hasn’t seen high’s like this since the 1970’s. I know a few of my friends grumbled about going out in this heat, but staying in the pool all day was refreshing. It’s always nice catching up with the old gang and some of the newer folks I’m getting to know.

Topics of discussion?

Kings – the Civilization/D&D game I and several others of the group play. Our GM (Game Master, i.e. Dungeon Master) was present.

Digital Art/Comics – Two of my long-time friends write comics (one is about to be published). We also talked about my art, traditional and digital.

The Walking Dead – This conversation was probably a direct result of my daughter having an explosive nosebleed seconds after jumping in the pool. She’s fine, just very sensitive to temperature changes.

Writing – That’s a given.

I’m in recovery mode now. I feel hungover even though there was zero alcohol–that’s my illness kicking in and reminding me I’m suppose to do everything in moderation. I’m a bit feverish too, but I’ve felt worse. Tomorrow I’ll be back on top.