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This is a mishmash post. Mishmash? I haven’t used that word in forever.

A collection or mixture of unrelated things; a hodgepodge.
Origin: 1425-75; late Middle English; gradational formation based on mash.

I often feel as if my life is composed of mishmash or that I’m drowning in mishmash. Sooner or later I have to cut things out to survive–but that’s for another post. Today’s post is about three simple things: Witches, Dragons and the Giveaway Winner. Sounds like the title of a quirky short story.


The flash fiction story I’m editing is about a young witch from Iceland. I’ve had excellent feedback from three friends who read the story. This week I’m taking their suggestions into account while I tweak a few things.


If you missed yesterday’s post on my new side project, shame on you! I’m kidding. But you really should check it out. I’m painting a baby dragon curled up in her egg.

Giveaway Winner:

I can be very absent-minded. I’m not trying to live up to the stereotype, but really– I’m an artist who loves reading and writing. My head is in clouds for at least 80% of my day. It’s easy to see how I forgot to announce the winner of my Hunter and Fox Giveaway.

The winner is Georg Trimborn! Georg has been contacted and his shiny new copy of Hunter and Fox will be on its way to IL this week.