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I joined Instagram in September of last year. As of today, I’ve taken over 500 photographs. Wow. I didn’t realize this till last night when I glanced at the number on my profile. Also, this is only the number of photographs I’ve posted to Instagram. It does not include photographs I take with my Nikon nor other photos I take with my iPhone. Where does one draw the line between hobbyist and full fledged photographer? Maybe I’m somewhere in between. I don’t make any money off my photographs. I just enjoy taking them. Which is the reason for today’s post. A certain someone, who blogs, draws, paints and works at a University Bookstore has shown interest in seeing more of my photographs on my blog. So I’ve decided to post a photo of the week, every Sunday.

This was taken with my iPhone and a Photojojo Macro lens. I will occasionally share images taken with my Nikon–be on the look out for that distinction.