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StoryFest is a celebration of all the incredible short stories written during StoryADay May. Each participant was invited to share their own favorite story from the month and/or nominate someone else’s story. I nominated Neil DG’s story Waiting for What?

Waiting for What? is one of those stories you think you have figured out and then the author turns everything upside down. It’s about life, mortality, medicine gone awry and a future where you can live forever.

I also nominated my own story, The Rabbits, and surprised to find someone else had nominated it as their favorite!

CMCKane recommends: The Rabbits by Amanda Makepeace, saying “Their every day had become filled with the constant chance of attack… from infected rabbits. The tension throughout and the ending was marvelous. Oh the possibilities.”

I’ve had several wonderful comments about my dark little story:

Summer Ross says:
Well done- the ending is very powerful and you lead up to it well.

Lisa says:
A dramatic romp with nature! Well delivered.

CMcKane says:
Wow! Great story! Makes me wonder how long it will take to infect the humans too.

Julie Duffy says:
Gah! This was fairly terrifying. With bunnies?! Well done!

Jack says:
I’d make a killer bunny joke, but it almost seems in bad taste after such a sharp little horror piece. Well done. (I shared Jack’s story, Burning, on Twitter earlier today. Excellent post-apocalypse/dystopian story set in the desert.)

Check out my story, The Rabbits, and all the other excellent short stories on the StoryFest 2012 page.