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My daughter and I are going away for the long weekend, but not away, away. I’ll be house sitting in Decatur, Ga for my brother. Decatur is a lovely suburb of Atlanta, full of shops, places to eat, old churches, galleries, etc. Lot’s to see and do.

If I were to ever move closer to the city I’d love to live some place like Decatur. I attended a lecture (many years ago) at Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts women’s college. For those curious, it was a lecture by Stephen Jay Gould. That trip to Decatur was my first experience driving through the vibrant town that felt more like a small town in the heart of a big city. I’m taking my camera (my big camera) and maybe a sketchbook too. This weekend also happens to be the date for the Decatur Arts Festival! So we will be busy, busy. I’ll be back Tuesday of next week with photos and maybe a few goodies to share.