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Last Friday I had a discouraging appointment with my Rheumatologist, so discouraging I’m still not in the mood to share. Since then, focus has not been on my side. I’m still getting things done, but not at the usual pace. I feel chaotic, hence my work time has been chaotic. StoryADay is still on my agenda, but I’ve accepted there will not be thirty-one stories this year and I’m okay with that fact. This is my third year with the challenge and I feel different this time around. My writing feels stronger. A switch has been tripped. I’m questioning things less and writing more. In a way, I’ve already beat the challenge. πŸ˜‰

This week on my StoryADay blog I have 300+word short titled, Alternative Medicine and a teaser for a 600+ word flash fiction story titled, The Stand. I’m hoping to have another nugget of fiction posted tomorrow.