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I had a great weekend but I didn’t do anything I was suppose to do! LOL On Saturday I drove back to my old neighborhood to spend the weekend with a friend. It was Free Comic Book Day, so I stopped by my old comic shop, the one from my wonder years, to see what they had available. I walked away with the Serenity/Star Wars combo and the hardcover Mouse Guard (which includes aย Labyrinthย story!). The rest is a blur. I saw The Avengers. AWESOME!! I shopped at a Lego Store and brought home some new studio buddies. My Star Wars keychains also came with a free R2-D2 poster, Lego R2, to celebrate Star Wars Day. Also, not pictured above is an Egyptian statue I bought and wooden statue of Maneki Neko I bought for my daughter. Later that evening, as in 11:30 p.m., I went to see Cabin in the Woods. Yes, it was Joss Whedon weekend. I wasn’t impressed with the movie, so to make up for my loss I went to see The Avengers again on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜€

The point of this post is not only to share my weekend of fun, but to show you there was zero time for me to complete my stories for StoryADay. I’m playing catch-up today and will have an update tomorrow.