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StoryADay is going amazingly well this year. I’ve really gotten into a groove. Yesterday I wrote a micro-fiction story of 100 words. It was a challenge I set for myself the night before. I decided I’d write a 100 word story and it had to have the words: tree, pills and leather. You can read Other Worlds on my StoryADay blog.

Today I wrote a flash fiction story inspired by rabbits; which have been frequenting our backyard since the hawk next door moved away. I’ve been trying to photograph them from the windows, so they’ve been on my mind. Then my friend, Jan, sent me this wonderful little card–with rabbits!


This morning, after I’d had my daily caffeine intake, I took a peek out the kitchen door window. I do this every morning to look for the rabbits and also make sure the fence I built around our garden is still standing.  I saw a rabbit sitting very close to the fence and that’s when the story hit me. Here’s a teaser of today’s story, with a link to the full version afterward. I hope you all don’t think less of me after reading The Rabbits. My mind works in strange ways. 😉

The Rabbits, 507 words (rough draft)

The rabbits were back, digging with a fever around the garden fence. A film of crimson stained the fur around their eyes, nose and mouth.  The county would never be able to eradicate MRHD from wild rabbits. Modified Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease was everywhere. RHD itself had been around for years, often used as way to control booming rabbit populations in the wild. When animal activists put a stop to that the government resorted to other methods—genetic modification.

Read the full story.