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Story #2 is complete! I wrote more flash fiction today (667 words). This story centers around characters from a novel I’ve been playing with for the last couple of years. I say playing because I haven’t committed myself to writing it even though it’s frequently on my mind. It’s a book I need to write. I’m just not sure if I’m ready. Ironically, when I began writing this morning I didn’t realize it was them, pushing their way into StoryADay. Here’s a teaser from the opening:

The world didn’t end in war, famine, or natural disaster. There wasn’t a virus or an invasion of little green men from outer space. We were the ending and the beginning, our biology, our genes. Evolution changed our lives and destroyed our world. It split us down the middle. Us and them.

Then there is me. The anomaly. The aberration. I’m not one or the other, but something new.

Today’s nugget-o-fiction is set in a post-apocalypse world, if you hadn’t guessed by the teaser. I consider this to be in a rough rough draft state, but if anyone wants to read it they can email me.