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The first short story for May is complete, at least in rough draft form. I decided to start the month off with flash fiction. Usually this type of short fiction is between 300-1000 words. Today’s story, The Messenger, is 552 words. I won’t be posting the entire story online, on the off chance I decide to do something with it (a.k.a publish). Here’s a teaser from the opening lines:

Never trust a troll living in a drain pipe, in your basement.

My father’s words echoed in my head, but I didn’t turn to high tail it out of the basement. I didn’t even try to cover the drain when I saw the grimy green fingers push through the grate. Trolls always brought to mind lumbering giants who could be turned to stone by the day’s first light. They were monsters with clubs who bashed in children’s skulls like an after dinner game. Not tiny creatures living in wet, fetid pipes underneath suburban homes.

I will let my friends read the entire story. If anyone is interested just email me. 😉

My goal for StoryADay 2012 is to write between 100 and 500 words a day. Basically, micro-fiction and flash fiction. I don’t have time for more this month, but today’s story will be an inspiration for more flash fiction from the same world. When the month is over I could possibly combine a few stories for one large short story.