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May is my busiest month of the year. It’s the month where I and hundreds of other writers partake in StoryADay. As the name denotes, we aim to write a story each day in May. Stories can be anything from Twitter fiction, flash fiction to solid short stories for 3,000 words. I tend to mix it up. Weekends are for the short short variety and weekdays are for longer short fiction. I’ve already begun brainstorming for the big event. You can see my post about it here:

Brainstorming Bradbury Style | Thirty-one Stories

There will be other things afoot in May. The weekly art post on Wednesday’s will continue and I also expect to be posting a poem a week (the day will vary). You can expect to see teasers and updates on my progress with StoryADay, but any full stories I post will be on my StoryADay blog: http://storyaday.org/amandamakepeace. Later in the month there will be a review of Hunter and Fox by Phillipa Ballantine. I’m also working on a commission of paintings. I’ll have some images to share later this week!

So not much will change here on the blog except that I may be slow to respond to comments. But I will respond. 😉