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World Book Night was a HUGE success. My daughter teased me a little for being so excited, but being a Giver meant the world to me. I saw this event not only has a way to promote reading but also as a way to give back. Twenty-three years one book transformed my life. I became a reader. I wanted the opportunity to do that for another young person; which was the heart of my application when I applied to World Book Night to be a Giver. That aspiration was already becoming a reality when a local Watkinsville citizen found my blog via the Oconee Patch Facebook page. She showed up at Jittery Joe’s Coffee minutes after 7 p.m. with her daughter, Mary Grace.

Mary Grace’s mother, Jennifer, has read The Hunger Games trilogy and loved it, but her daughter isn’t as enthusiastic about reading. However… Mary Grace has seen the film. Fellow Givers from the Avid Bookshop #bookpickup party might recall me saying, I’d like to find a young person who’s seen The Hunger Games movie but hasn’t read the book.

Wow! Ta daa! I did just that. Mission accomplished.


Mary Grace, if you enjoyed the movie you are going to LOVE the book.

Thank you so much for making World Book Night a success.