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It means giving back, changing lives.

As a child reading wasn’t something I enjoyed but more something I was forced to do at school. I hated reading. That changed during my eighth grade year of school.  A fellow student left a copy of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary on my desk. Inside the crisp, new paper I found a small sheet of heart stickers, but no note. I still to this day have no clue who gave me the book, but one thing is certain. They changed my life. Pet Sematary was the first book I ever loved and spurred a reading frenzy. I’d never read anything like it. My mother didn’t like horror then and still doesn’t like it now, but for me it was the missing piece of the puzzle. From that one book I went on to read everything Stephen King had published and when I reached the end I moved onto to other authors, and eventually other genres. I’ve been hooked on books ever since.

What if that’s all it takes? What if the children who dislike reading haven’t found the right book? When I applied to be a giver for World Book Night I thought what if I could do that for another young person.

Change their life with one book.

On Monday April 23, 2012 I will be giving out copies of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Maybe I will be lucky enough to spur a reading frenzy in another young teen.

Where I will be: Jittery Joe’s in Watkinsville, GA

What time: 7:00 p.m.