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This week givers around the country are picking up their boxes of books for World Book Night USA 2012. As you might recall, I chose Avid Bookshop (my favorite indie bookstore) as my collection point. The folks behind Avid Bookshop decided to host a reception complete with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and roses to celebrate St. George’s Day. They celebrate St. George’s Day in Spain by handing out books and roses. How awesome!

I had a wonderful time last night talking with other book lovers and bloggers. We shared stories about our love of books and tips for the big night. I’ll be passing out a special edition of The Hunger Games to the citizens of Waktinsville, Ga. More details will posted on Sunday, April 22nd for any Athens/Watkinsville readers who may stumble across my blog.

Here are some photos of the last night’s reception: