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Your patience is appreciated. I’ve had a wonderful weekend, but due to technical difficulties I’m behind in posting my poems for NaPoWriMo. I also have a ton of photos to edit from my trip to the Botanical Gardens last Thursday and from the Renaissance Festival this past weekend. The to do list doesn’t end there. I also have a meeting this evening at Avid Bookshop for World Book Night (coming up next week). I’m also not feeling well. 😦 Last week I believe I ate something bad at a local fast food place (a chicken place but not Chic-fil-a). I was very ill the night after eating said meal and since then I my intestines have ached, they are very sore and I’ve been feeling swollen/bloated. It doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m going to try giving it a few more days before I see a doctor. Fingers crossed!!

I’m going to post Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s poem all together tonight. Then I’ll be back on track. I don’t have any of the photos edited but I did put this one together with an app on my iPhone.

We all had our hair done at the Renaissance Festival! The left image if me, obviously, the darker hair gives it away. I’ve had my hair braided at Ren. Fest. many years ago but I didn’t feel up to going through the process this time. Instead by had my hair twisted in this beautiful silver contraption. LOL It comes with the clip you see at the top, which attaches to a hair band. What you can’t see is the dangle charm hanging from the spiral at the bottom. It has beads that look like moonstone. The top right image is my daughter and the bottom right is her best friend. I think we waited an hour in line to have their hair done!! I’ll post a full gallery sometime this week with more photos from the festival.