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A wedding and wedding reception with at least 120 guests. Yes. That would be an introvert’s nightmare. Maybe not one’s worse nightmare, but a challenge to say the least. The wedding ceremony was beautiful but it’s the receptions that always get me. I made sure to have a smile on my face at all times, and a glass of wine in hand, but I’m not a party girl.

I’m an introvert.

But I’m introvert who can for short periods put myself in situations that are not the most pleasant, and I can even pull off the appearance of being someone who is an extrovert. I draw the line at dancing though, especially to party music. I don’t do the electric slide. I have no desire to get on the dance floor to wave my arms and body around–that’s not fun. Taking a walk in the woods, along the beach, reading a book, playing a D&D board game, watching a movie, seeing a play–that’s fun. The music was so loud last night my daughter and I did eventually escape to the hallway. It was just too much.

I do better now than I use to with crowds and loud musics. When I was a teenager it was nearly intolerable. My first homecoming dance was a disaster. I looked great. My date looked great. But I couldn’t stay. It was just too much. I think I lasted maybe an hour before I begged him to take us somewhere else. LOL