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I’m pleased. Very pleased.

Also very, very tired. I attended the midnight showing of The Hunger Games with my daughter.

I’m not one for reading movie reviews and I don’t write them either, but I wanted to share just a few thoughts on The Hunger Games.  I expected there were things they’d have to cut out, condense, tweak, etc. But overall they did an excellent job keeping to the essence of the story and the spirit of the characters. I laughed, I cried and I felt revulsion toward the brutality and oppression.

Yes, there were a few things I wished they hadn’t changed. But the movie was already 2 hours long–there was just no way to keep everything in (i.e. other characters and longer scenes). I don’t envy screenplay writers who must take a book and decide what to cut and hope to still keep the heart of a story. Still, even with the small changes I’d easily give this film 5 out of 5 Stars.

It was pure Awesomeness. My daughter and I both said toward the end of the movie that we HAD to re-read the book ASAP. 😉

I also want to thank my friend, Jan for sending us these super cool 3D bookmarks!!! They arrived yesterday afternoon–what great timing!

I’ve never seen my daughter snatch something so fast from my hands!!