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Independent Bookstores are yummy, unique, quirky, friendly, down-to-earth–the list could go on and on. Avid Bookshop in Athens (GA) is no exception. Chains, no offense to you B&N, are all the same, like those cookie cutter neighborhoods where all the houses look exactly alike. Boring.

This is the furthest from boring. . .

Avid Bookshop, off Prince Avenue in Athens, Ga., may be small but it has a little of everything. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, graphic novels, children’s books, young adult books, journals, Jittery Joe’s coffee and even books for UGA students!! I love this little shop so much I decided to choose it as my collection point for World Book Night. I wasn’t the only one who loved the experience. My daughter made it clear we must return. I’m sure the fact that I bought her a book, a skull eraser, and a bookmark had nothing to do with her enthusiasm. I, on the other hand, kept myself in check and bought only this little treasure of a book:

Don’t miss the rest of the photos from our visit, especially the hot air balloon in the children’s section!!

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