If you only had the poster for reference, what would say this movie is about?


I watched the DVD of Real Steel this weekend and loved it more than I thought possible. Yes, it has robots and that should make it awesome by default but the movie is so much more than what these two poster portray. Real Steel is the story of a father (Hugh Jackman) estranged from his son (Dakota Goyo) who are thrown back into each other’s lives (not by their own choosing). I never bothered to watch a trailer for Real Steel because I assumed everything I needed to know about the movie from the marketing images. Now that I’ve watched the film, I’d go so far as to say they are a bit misleading. The US movie poster only shows a robot and while the International poster features Hugh Jackman, it completes leaves out the son (who was amazing!!). Did the marketing team think a movie about a dead-beat-dad reconnecting with his son would not touch movie goers? Possibly. It’s no secret we have become a society with a short attention span, one that wants everything now and we want it big, loud and exciting. This doesn’t apply to everyone. I need story and depth in the films and I watch. I was surprised to find it in Real Steel.