Up close and personal.

I’m feeling a little out of sorts this week, so I thought I’d post something lighthearted. Thanks, CourtneyJo for the idea!

1. I love Brazil Nuts.

2. I’m an iPhone Geek. I even have a special Macro Lens for my phone’s camera.

3. I have a secret addiction. The Vampire Diaries.

4. I create new meals on the fly and I rarely measure anything. However, I don’t enjoy cooking–it’s just a necessary evil.

5. I buy a bottle of Trader Joe’s Merlot every week.

6. I usually wear the same earrings every day.

7. If given the choice to spend money on either books, clothes or chocolate, I will always choose books.

8. I wish I had the money to buy my own kiln. I dream of making pottery.

9. I say a small prayer type thing whenever I see a dead animal alongside the road–it’s not a religious type thing, more like an apology.

10. One of my favorite contemporary artists is Michael Parkes. I own several prints of his paintings.

11. I sometimes wear the same socks for more than two days straight.