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I’m having another hectic, busy, pleasantly chaotic week here in the country. I shouldn’t be here. Let’s pretend I’m not. I’m just zooming past, leaving a few treasures in my wake.

~ Stop by my website and check out the poster for Leaping Ahead of Extinction!

~ Remember that guy who was arrested outside a Toys R Us for attacking customers and police with a lightsaber? He was sentenced to 45 days in jail. That’s what you get for turning to the dark side…

~ Paulo Coelho is encouraging people to download his books from piracy sites?

~ The movie remakes just keep on coming. This time it’s Death Wish. Some remakes are great, but others, well… I’d rather see more original films.

~ Lastly, here’s one of the tree frogs featured in the Leaping Ahead of Extinction poster (available on Etsy).