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January has been a series of up’s and down’s. I’ve been ill twice with two very nasty viruses, made a trip to Atlanta to see my Rheumatologist and helped my daughter with her class registration for high school next year! It’s been a slow month for creativity but I’m hoping to share a sneak peek at January’s Art Cards tomorrow on my website and I’m dusting off a short story I’d like to submit to an anthology. Yes, an anthology. Maybe I should have started off with something smaller, less pressure, but I have a story I think would be perfect. So, why not? Now I need to think about how to pitch the story…

Yesterday, I began taking a new medication for the arthritis affecting my hands. This was my second attempt with the new med. Illness interrupted my first attempt and at the time, I wasn’t sure if I was ill or experiencing a nasty side effect. I’m pleased to say all seems to be going well and I hope in the very near future my hands will be ready for serious painting! The last few months with my hands in this state has been depressing. It’s one thing to be in constant pain and another when that pain begins to interfere with simple tasks. But let’s not focus on the negative. Look at the new birds to grace our garden!!

I love birds. I began bird watching when I still lived in the UK and it carried over when we moved back to Georgia. Our yard has several bird feeders and bird baths. I like to watch them and also document the birds I see. This year a new bird came for a visit and he brought his entire family. The Cedar Waxwing (click on the image to enlarge) is only a winter bird in Georgia. I took this photograph through the blinds of our front door. 😉