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This is going to be a short review of Zazzle iPhone cases, because, well, the photos speak for themselves. Whenever I have a few extra dollars in my Zazzle account I like to buy products so I can personally endorse them to potential buyers. After seeing the Zazzle iPhone case in the flesh, I’ll be taking them out of my shop. This is what I’m selling in Zazzle, as seen from my Zazzle shop iMakepeace:

This is what I received:

Zazzle iPhone Case

Can you see the differences? Printing fractals is not always easy, so I decided to order something else from my shop with the same art.

Big difference. If you can’t tell so well from this photo check out the one below:

The colors are much closer to the original and to what Zazzle implies the iPhone case should look like, but doesn’t. Not only does the iPhone case look too dark but the colors are off as well. The original fractal contains zero shades of purple. I haven’t tested the iPhone cases with my other shop’s art (Makepeace Art) but I’m thinking even those might be a bust. However, the journal is perfect and I decided to give it to my daughter at Christmas. She loves it!

**My overall experiences with Zazzle? Their paper products are spot on, but when you stray from those into other products it’s a 50/50 chance.