I’m a private writer, who also happens to be a superstitious writer. I’ll share what I’m writing but only small tidbits. If I give too much I’ll lose some of the magic.

This type of thinking has dominated my writing practice for the last few years. There’s nothing wrong with this thinking, unless it holds you back. I think it’s holding me back. I have a folder on my computer titled, Writing. Inside this folder I have approximately seventy short stories. None have been published and only one has been read by an editor and author (my honorable mention for the Story a Day contest). I also have two novels, one I’m writing now and one I’ve put on the back burner. I write almost everyday but I haven’t made any steps toward submitting a story for publication.

My writing goal for 2012 is to submit a short story (maybe more than one) to a publication. Chances are I will face many rejections, but I will have made the first step toward publishing the multitude of crazy ideas my head.