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I decided it couldn’t wait any longer. I needed a second bookshelf. My book collection had already spilled onto the floors of my studio-office before Christmas hit. After Christmas, with its joyous influx of new books, I realized I needed to organize my books and give them a proper home. My daughter felt the same, so we both bought new bookshelves. Here are my new acquisitions, along with new ebooks and some other awesome gifts I received this year.

The White Plague and Fantasy & Science Fiction The Writer's Journey and Smithsonian Field Guide to Birds

The above books say so much about me–Post-apocalypse, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Writing, and Birds.

The Walking Dead Book 2 & 3 The Walking Dead Book 4 and The Void

Book 2 & 3 (and Book 1 for that matter) were gifts from a friend. I’m completely addicted to the series now and had to buy Book 4 this past Monday. I bought Void by Rhiannon Lassiter at the same time but didn’t realize till I was home that the books were color coordinated. LOL

My new tea cup!

Before I move onto ebooks, look at my new tea cup!!!

New ebooks for my Kindle Touch:

This doesn’t include the free ebooks I snagged over the holidays:

I love free ebooks. I’m subscribed to receive a list of Free Kindle Books daily.

Okay. Now with the books out of the way, here’s a gift I received from my brother that I just LOVE. I’m also extremely proud because he bought them on Etsy!

Hungate Sculpture Hungate Sculpture

I love Jay Hungate’s sculptures. The two small wall hangings on the left I originally discovered in November. I bought them for a friend’s birthday (same friend who has me addicted to The Walking Dead graphic novels). I fell in love with them and decided to put them and Raven’s Moon on my Christmas list. Shopping on Etsy is a common practice for me, but it’s foreign territory for my family, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get these or not. But I did!! My brother bought all three!