Christmas BaublesI’m exhausted. I’m ready for the holidays. I’m ready for a break! Aren’t we all?

Starting today and through New Year’s there will be sparse activity on my blog. I have a few posts scheduled for during the holidays, but for the most part I will be taking a break. Here’s what you can expect and when:

Dec 21st – Songs of the Season Music Hop

Dec 25th – Christmas Greetings from Shadow and Hunter

Dec 30th – My top reads of 2011

Also, beginning today my Etsy shop will be in vacation mode. I’ve sold just about zero art this year. I will be reevaluating and reorganizing my shop for the 2012.

Last, just because I’m not blogging doesn’t mean I won’t be browsing my favorite blogs and leaving comments. You’ll also find me on Twitter and Instagram during the holidays. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!