I had an awesome post I planned to write today on inspiring young writers, but it’s been a crazy morning so I’m going to save that post for Thursday. Crazy how, you ask? Well, you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post it has something to do with my cat, Shadow and if you follow me on Twitter then you are ahead of the game. We had a bit of an incident in the Makepeace house today. There wasn’t a lot of peace making going on, more like an episode from Saturday Night Live–When Cats Attack–only the blood was real.

Shadow has never been bothered by the outdoor cat I feed. Today was different. She went berserk on my hand and my foot, but my foot had a boot to protect it. Shadow was so psycho I had to shove her with my foot so she didn’t get lose and also to keep her from attacking my leg. I managed to get the door shut and went around to the front of the house where she gave me an innocent look that said, “Sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

The mayhem didn’t end there.

Hunter, the goofball, who we admit isn’t too bright, decides to mimic Shadow and goes for my leg. The primal scream of pain and terror I let loose from my mouth was shocking. My throat is still sore four hours later. I’m surprised our neighbors didn’t call the police.

I locked the cats in the bedroom for an hour while I tried to compose myself and tend to my wounds. What a crazy morning. I’m still feeling a little shaken by the experience, but no real harm was done. I do wish Shadow could have avoided my hand, it’s already in enough pain.

Also, I have no doubt that if faced with an apocalyptic event my cats would probably eat me after I died.