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The Thanksgiving holidays were quiet this year. My daughter spent the holiday with her father’s family and we once again were invited to eat the annual turkey feast with a friend. This year my younger brother joined us. He helped me beat Super Mario Brothers for Wii, insisted we watch Super 8 (which I LOVED), and talked me into this:

The video was taken in our backyard on Black Friday. We don’t do Black Friday shopping. Ever.

The holiday wasn’t all fun and games. I’ve been looking after our neighbor’s chickens for the past week. Chickens are hilarious. I never thought of them as animals with personality.

These are young hens. Each night I round them up to sleep in their hutch. In the morning I let them out and the party begins. They line up on the ramp to their hutch and then begin flapping their wings furiously. The next order of business is to chase one another around the coop, over and over. In between spurts there is more frantic flapping of the wings. It’s quite a site.

One chicken likes to make her way to the top of the hutch (that’s her in the photo above). I’ve not seen any of the other chickens make this giant leap. She is the queen of the roost. 😉