I began writing book reviews on my blog (previously at Blogger) in 2008. I enjoyed writing reviews and enjoyed receiving free books even more, but not so much these days. Writing a review for a book you didn’t LOVE is torture. The time it takes to put my thoughts together for a review is also time I’d rather use to write a short story, make edits, or paint (hands allowing). So I’ve decided I will no longer be writing reviews for books I receive from publishers, unless it also happens to be a book that:

a. I already want to read.


b. I already know I’m going to love.

An example would be next year’s release from the Ministry of Peculiar OccurrencesThe Janus Affair. (I can’t wait for the cover to be revealed!!!!) I loved Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris and I know I’m going to love The Janus Affair. Hence, whether I receive the book from them or I buy it from the store, chances are I will say something about it on my blog. The same might be said for anything post-apocalyptic or dystopian.

I will also occasionally write a short review for a book I purchased if it moves me to the point I must share with my book buddies. An example of this would be Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. I purchased this book for my daughter, was threatened into reading it, and discovered it was truly and most awesomely wonderful. How could I not share what I thought?

I may also post these reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but no more will I be begging for books. Will this really change anything on my blog? No. I rarely post more than two reviews a month. I have a small mountain of books to read and will continue to share books I buy, books I want to read and the occasional review.