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I love the word, whatnot.

what·not  (hwtnt, hwt-, wt-, wt-)


1. A minor or unspecified object or article.
2. A set of light, open shelves for ornaments.
Any of various additional or unspecified things or items
I get attached to certain words. I even have emails from Oxford Word of the Day saved in my inbox, like for the word flummery.

flum·mer·y  (flm-r)

n. pl. flum·mer·ies

1. Meaningless or deceptive language; humbug.
2. Any of several soft, sweet, bland foods, such as custard.
3. A sweet gelatinous pudding made by straining boiled oatmeal or flour.
4. A soft dessert of stewed, thickened fruit, often mixed with a grain such as rice.

I’ve been in short supply of words this week. The culprit is my hands. I’ve been having increasing trouble with the joints in my hands, so much so that I’ve not really painted anything all month. Most days I’ve still been able to write. But when the pain flares it effects my concentration, memory and mood–a bad combination. I won’t be seeing my Rheumatologist until January, so I’m going to have to tough things out til then. There is no way I’m going to finish NaNoWriMo, but I’m still writing when I can.

If you are a part of my IndieGoGo campaign, check out the post on my main website for an important update: November’s Art Cards.