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As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting something scary/Halloween inspired each day leading up to Halloween. Sunday is no exception! Today it’s all about what I find most frightening.

The spider living outside my window.Spiders. Eek!

I have a phobia of spiders. You know it’s a phobia when you find a spider (of the large variety) on your shoulder and subsequently throw yourself to the ground screaming and rolling. Yes. That most embarrassing (and hilarious) scene took place twelve years ago. A more recent event of sheer terror took place only last year. While I was unpacking boxes in my bedroom a HUGE wolf spider crawled out from the vent on the my floor. I was hysterical and since then my vents are not only closed but covered. I can laugh about it now, but I’m still not uncovering those vents!

When I was a child I suffered from night terrors (a parasomnia disorder mostly affecting children) and vivid nightmares. One of my more common night disturbances was waking to see spiders crawling all over my bed sheets. I was five years old and I still recall the feeling of fear and being paralyzed as I watched them writhe across my sheet. It’s no wonder I have a phobia.

I’ve made some strides to tackle my fear. Most spiders smaller than an eraser head don’t bother me and with enough will power I can kill a spider the size of a quarter. Anything larger and I go nuts. Ironically, the spiders that build the huge webs in autumn don’t bother me too much (as long as they stay on their webs). The photo above was taken outside my bedroom window. It’s body (not including the legs outstretched) was nearly the size of a quarter!

What scares you?