I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first? Bad news? Good, because that’s where I’m starting. The pumpkin flower I pollinated with my trusty Q-tip didn’t take hold. I’ve discovered the female pumpkin flowers are very particular and only remain open for one day. But all is not lost. As I said, I have good news too. Once I realized how quick I needed to be, I kept an eye on the plant every day. Let me introduce you to our baby pumpkin…

Two days after pollinationAlmost lemon size.Larger than a lemon!Baseball sized!And as of yesterday, the pumpkin is larger than a softball!!

Grow pumpkin, grow!

I’m not sure we are going to have anymore pumpkins, especially in time for Halloween, but I’m thrilled we are going to have at least one! By the end of this week the pumpkin will probably surpass the size of a cantaloupe.