As some of you know, I do a little writing for the EBSQ Art Blog (http://blog.ebsqart.com). This morning I  received an email from an EBSQ artist about the status of the site, and thought I better post something here for anyone else who comes in search of answers. Yesterday the servers which house the files for EBSQart.com experienced a failure. This is the latest update from the powers that be:

We have in an early estimate for data recovery: 10/1. I don’t know how accurate the estimate is, since the recovery is being done by a third party, nor when we’ll be able to re-integrate the data with the site code to get things up and running again. My hope is full uptime by Monday 10/3 at the latest. I’ve been told Saints Anthony, Jude, and Isidore might be helpful in a speedy recovery, so prayers and warm fuzzy thoughts are welcome!

You can find more updates on their Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/EBSQ