My usual schedule was interrupted this week when I was contacted by Amphibian Ark about an upcoming event. I was asked if I might consider contributing two pieces of tree frog art for a poster. Well, of course! I’ve had a wonderful relationship with Amphibian Ark for over two years. They’ve even given me a little spot on their Amphibian Art page (scroll down to the bottom for a peak). 😉

With only a few days to complete these new pen and ink drawings this is what I accomplished:

Anotheca spinosa

Anotheca spinosa - Coronated Tree Frog


Cochianella euknemos

Cochianella euknemos - Phantasmal Poison Frog

Once I’ve scanned these and sent them off, I will be completing the drawings (giving the frogs something to sit upon) and then listing them in my shop. As always a percentage will be donated to AmphibianArk.org.