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I mentioned in Friday’s post that I thought we had a possible pumpkin on our plant. Well, I was wrong. But not that far off from the truth. I did a little research this morning on pumpkin plants (and plants of the same family) and discovered they have two separate flowers for male and female. I could have let Nature do her thing but I decided to help move the reproductive process along. Here’s a visual history of our pumpkin plant.

Little Pumpkin PlantLast year we dumped our Halloween pumpkin into a hole in the yard and filled it over with old potting soil. We weren’t trying to be clever, just trying to fill in a hole. We had no idea a pumpkin plant would spring forth at the beginning of September.

First FlowerOnce I realized we had a pumpkin plant it went on my garden watering list. We also, thanks for our landlord put a temporary metal fence around the plant for protection against critters. It began to grow and grow! In no time it out-grew it’s little fence and I decided to build a proper enclosure with a Chicken Wire Fence.

Female FlowerThis past week I discovered what I thought was the beginnings of a pumpkin plant, until I did the research. The picture above is of the female flower.

Male Flower and my Q-tipAs I mentioned above I decided to help Nature in the pollination process. This morning I went out with my trusty Q-tip and collected pollen from a male flower.

Female Flower TodayWhen I moved over to the female flower I discovered it had closed. Please don’t think ill of me–I pried it open and swished the Q-tip across the flower’s Stigma. So with any luck we will have our Halloween pumpkin! 😀