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I’m sick. Bleh… I wanted to have a review of Wintercraft: Blackwatch for you today, but it’s not happening. Me brains are mush! So here are some unrelated things you may or may not know about, or even care about.


1. Now through September 20th you can download Portal for free. There was a really cool short film/trailer for the game last month (or was that last week?) which created a lot of buzz. You may remember seeing it–a woman trapped in a room discovers a secret panel, revealing a ray gun that shoots two portal holes (one red, one blue) she uses to try and escape her captors.

2. Amazon told me in an email I should buy Ur by Stephen King. Here’s a blurb from Publisher’s Weekly:

Wesley Smith buys an Amazon Kindle to keep his mind off his recent nasty breakup, but he finds that his version is no ordinary e-reading device. Smith’s Kindle has a special Ur option, which reveals the future and all the works his favorite authors have written in parallel dimensions. However, when the Ur delivers news of terrible events on the way, Smith must decide if he should interfere in fate. While King can certainly spin a good story, the Amazon Kindle focus (the story was written exclusively for and can only be read on an Amazon Kindle) keeps this one feeling like an advertising gimmick. While listeners can easily follow Holter Graham’s narration, his style and projection aren’t particularly impressive. He is consistent with his characterizations, but his light nasal voice lacks energy and momentum, and given that King’s voice is quite similar to Graham’s and King can narrate just as well, it seems unnecessary to have enlisted Graham, whose performance adds little additional flare.

3. Attack Cat has her own Page on my blog now. Comments are welcome.

4. I find the controversy concerning DC’s reboot disturbing–very disturbing. Especially what it means for young women and how they view their bodies. What’s that? Teen girls don’t read comics? Wrong!


5. Last year we dumped our Halloween pumpkin into a hole in the yard and filled it over with old potting soil. We weren’t trying to be clever, just trying to fill in a hole. We had no idea a pumpkin plant would spring forth at the beginning of September. I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of the plant. It even has its own enclosure. The first possible signs of a pumpkin are emerging. Will share some photos over the weekend.