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I haven’t posted much about my art this past month. You may have even wondered if I was still painting. I am, but I haven’t felt much like talking about art. Since April I have painted 120 ACEOs. Wow. I’m half way finished with a commission and now working on a quick ACEO painting for the EBSQ Ripped Off Show. Sometime around the beginning of August my energy levels dropped and for the last week and a half my hands have been staging a revolt (translation: my joints are inflamed). I’m hoping to have this seen to soon but until then I need to focus to keep my momentum going. But I did want to say a little something about the IndieGoGo Art Cards for June, July, and August.

Skeleton Key  Ramshorn Shell  Pebble

When I chose the theme for those months I wanted the Art Cards to be a set, something you might decided to have framed.

Pebble  Skeleton Key Art Card  Ramshorn Shell

Pre-cut matts for Art Cards are more common now and often have openings for multiple cards. You can see an example of a set of Art Cards framed in my shop.

September’s art cards are going to be completely different. The theme is abstract!