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Monday I received word from Jen at Tor/Forge that I was one of the winners in The Children of the Skies Sweepstakes. <insert happy dance here> Woohoo!! After my excitement leveled out I began thinking about my copy of A Fire Upon the Deep. I was guessing the ARC for The Children of the Sky would be a trade paperback; meaning it wouldn’t mesh well with this:

My loved copy of A Fire Upon the DeepYes, I’m one of those obsessive types who like their books to match up, especially a series–paperbacks with paperbacks and hardbacks with hardbacks. A mass market paperback with a trade paperback is a no no. But this was out of my control and it wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying the book. Then the book books arrived.

New and Shiny!Wow!! What a surprise. Thank you, Jen!!

Now you know why Tor/Forge is awesome.