Shadow lying in wait
One of Shadow’s favorite places to nap is under the dining room table. She likes to play musical chairs. You might be familiar with this if you own cats too. What you might not realize is the true meaning behind this behavior. Your cat is not napping. She (or he) is lying in wait.

Example 1: You’ve invited guests over for a nice meal. Unbeknownst to everyone, your cat is lying in wait upon one of the dining room chairs. It happens to be one of your guests that pulls out the chair and finds a furry surprise that will not budge, but instead gives you the look. Your cat is letting you know how disappointed they are that you did not invite them to the party.

Example 2: It’s the end of a long day and you’re heading to the kitchen to a. make coffee, b. discard your empty wine glass, or maybe c. make coffee for tomorrow. Instead a black furry arm reaches for your leg as you pass by and you scream bloody murder. Your bundle of joy is letting you know you should never let your guard down–they certainly don’t. 😉