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July has been a frustrating month. I’ve fallen behind in painting and posting July’s art cards, my blog is covered in dust and I haven’t been able to fit in enough writing to keep the grumps at bay. I could blame summer vacation, the fact that my 13 yr old is home 24/7 does play a part, but ultimately it’s my fault. I didn’t plan out the month well enough and everything fell to the wind. Ah, well. Things could be worse. I may not have many more summers where my daughter wants my attention, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Back to the subject of art cards, here’s a sneak peak from July’s theme: Sea Shells:

July's IndieGoGo Art CardsIf you are a subscriber to the IndieGoGo Art Cards there is an update on the campaign page about July’s cards and when to expect them.

Other things:

~ I finished reading Phoenix Rising (SO AWESOME) and will have a review posted in the next few days.

~ I’ll also be posting on the book adventures my daughter and I have enjoyed this summer.

~ Are you familiar with Chuck Wendig’s website, terribleminds? Neither was I till this morning. Check out this post for writers: 25 ways to become a better writer.