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I came across this great article in The Guardian about books we keep, even when they have seen better days. It made me think of a very old book I inherited from my favorite Uncle. For all I know the book could have belonged to his brother, but as they lived together and were both voracious readers, chances are the book passed through his hands at some point. The book, The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac, has seen better days.

The Magic Skin, 1896Yes, that is tape on the spine.

I love this book. I love that it was something my uncle Jim read. I love that this book was in circulation when Van Gogh was painting (he was a fan of Balzac). I love the red leather cover.

The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac  The Magic Skin, Published by Little Brown & Company

I’ve submitted my photo to The Guardian’s Flickr group: Well-loved Books. I hope they will accept this battered, but loved book. Do you have a book that’s falling apart, but won’t part with it for the world?