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Wish Upon a Star Digital Fantasy Painting

Wish Upon a Star is my latest digital painting, created for the EBSQ TwistedBrush Show. I estimate about twelve hours went into painting this piece and it was no easy feat. The one requirement of the show was that entries must be created in the TwistedBrush program–a program I have never used before now! I admit there were several frustrating moments and I might have even cursed under my breath. LOL It’s not easy switching gears from Photoshop, a program I’ve used since roughly 2003. But all’s well that ends well. I’m quite pleased with the end result. If you like my little divine cervine, I hope you give him a vote. Voting for the exhibit begins today! Don’t forget to click on the Facebook Like button too (you’ll find it just the right of the main image)–this gives me points for the EBSQ Cloud Awards.

Wish Upon a Star Prints