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Zazzle unveiled their latest product this month, the Doodle Speaker. It’s a portable speaker that plugs into your iphone/ipod or laptop and as you might have already guessed you can add your own art to the speaker covers. The day they went “live” I created several doodle speaker designs. I never intended to buy one of these speakers but Zazzle ran a promotional 50% off sale and I had some funds in my Zazzle account, so I thought, why not? I decided to give it to my daughter as a reward for all her hard work this past school year. Here’s my sort-of-review of the Doodle Speaker.

This is what I purchased:

Electric Blue Fractal Doodle Speaker

The Doodle Speaker arrived much quicker than we anticipated.

Doodle Speaker Box

This is what the speaker really looks like:

Doodle Speaker and iPod

As you can see the image in the actual speaker is dull and slightly faded compared to the image Zazzle promotes. This is not uncommon and many people are aware of this phenomena. This happens when artwork is printed on certain products: Shoes, Coasters and now Doodle Speakers (there may be others I’m not familiar with).

Yet, I love this little speaker. We plugged in my daughter’s iPod Nano and the sound is crystal clear. The image, while a bit faded, is still awesome. And my daughter is thrilled with her gift. Doodle Speakers can also be plugged into laptops, but I haven’t been able to pry it from her fingers to give that a try. 😀

The day after I bought this Doodle Speaker I sold another speaker (different design). I do hope the buyer is pleased! If you are designing Doodle Speakers on Zazzle be aware that artworks with muted, light colors may not work very well when printed for these speakers. You want an artwork with bold colors and strong contrast.

You can check out my Doodle Speaker Designs at: http://www.zazzle.com/imakepeace