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Redefining Never by Bethany OrlandoRedefining Never

by Bethany Orlando

I don’t usually read historical fiction. Usually, being the keyword. If a book has a solid plot, engaging characters, and the sort of conflict that makes you tense up or make involuntary noises of fear or joy–I’m bound to love it no matter what genre it falls into. Redefining Never is one of those books.

The author is related to a wonderful artist friend and something about the description caught my interest. When she asked if I would like a copy to read/review I jumped on board. 😉

Major William Garnett is an ambitious British officer, striving to make a name for himself in the colonies’ war for independence. He commands the British Legion: an outfit of loyal militiamen built for the most gruesome of warfare. The major is strong and strong-willed; and he knows nothing of failure.

Aislin Laraway is the daughter of a wealthy lawyer from New Jersey. From the onset of the war, she is forced to make the most important decision of her life: to obey the laws of her government or do what she feels is right. When her father and brothers choose to side with the “Patriots,” their lives are put in jeopardy; and it’s Aislin who will pay the price.

Chased from New England to the other end of the colonies, these two are inundated with the most unthinkable trials. Reprieves are short-lived; solace, impossible to find; and freedom eludes them, even in the paradise of East Florida.

A relationship formed in the birth of a nation, Redefining Never tells their epic story engulfed in battles and events accurately chronicled, based on firsthand accounts. This is the story of accomplishing the impossible – that which never should have been.

My thoughts:

If you love Pride and Prejudice (which I do) you will LOVE this book. The two main characters remind me a lot of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, especially their stubbornness. Without spoiling the magic, giving it all away, Redefining Never is full of action, suspense, light romance, and wonderfully complex characters. This is not an intense romance, it falls more into the realm of a Jane Austen novel. Also, I’m not an expert on the Revolutionary War, but it’s obvious Orlando did her research. I could easily see this as a movie on the big screen! But I must admit, I still do not know how to pronounce the leading lady’s name, Aislin! For shame!

With all the wonderful things I could say about this book, one thought keeps returning. Why wasn’t this published with a traditional publisher? Why does it have a less than pleasing Photoshop cover? I could easily see this with a cover like those on Georgette Heyer’s books, a scene not unlike the one shown right, portraying William and Aislin fleeing British forces.

Maybe I’m being harsh? I’m sorry if I am, but I adore this book and only wish it had the cover and publicity to go along with the story. Fans of Jane Austen will devour this story, fans of historical fiction will be captivated.

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You can purchase Redefining Never at Amazon.com. It’s available as a Trade Paperback and Kindle ebook.

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