Writing GoalsI’m a firm believer in having a plan. Having a plan helps me feel confident about what lies ahead, what I need to accomplish. My main plan for this year’s Story A Day event is to write without limits. To not worry about quality so much as quantity. Rough drafts are good!! Goals must also be realistic. I know there are certain days I will not be able to write as much as others. Here’s is a breakdown of what I have planned for May:

  • Saturday’s, Sunday’s (and some Mondays) will be devoted to Flash Fiction , under 1000 words.
  • Tuesday’s through Friday’s I’ll focus on stories of at least 1000 words.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s are too hectic right now to devote much time to writing, so I’m not going to pressure myself into something that will not work. Monday’s tend to be my “admin” day. I’m often catching up on emails, mailing artwork I’ve sold, stocking up on supplies, etc.

I have one other limitation, one I did not have last year. My IndieGoGo campaign (as well as a commission) will take up half of my day. I plan to work on my art obligations in the morning and then write from 11 a.m. onward. This is definitely going to be a challenge! I suppose it’s no different than folks who work during the day. If you want to write, you find the time.

Unless I drop dead from exhaustion, I’m going to continue this routine even after May. The structured schedule is just what I need to focus on my writing and all the stories flooding my consciousness.