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Story a Day 2011May has become synonymous with StoryaDay.org, an extreme writing challenge that pushes writers of all levels to write one a story each day in May. Last year’s challenge kicked my butt and ultimately, I did not complete the challenge. Illness was my biggest setback, but this year is looking up thanks to the removal of a pesky little organ called the gallbladder. Amazing how much havoc such a small organ can wreak in one’s life. To be fair, I didn’t walk away last year empty handed. I wrote several strong stories and my plan is to do the same for Story a Day 2011.

With one difference.

Shadow giving me the evil eye.

Shadow is going to keep me in check.

This year, I will not be trying to write polished final drafts. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head and I want them to flow unimpeded. I’m going to make every effort to just write and worry about editing later. You can still expect daily updates and maybe a few teasers, but I won’t be sharing the stories. I want them to have the opportunity to become something more in the future if I decide attempt publishing.

I’ll be posting updates here and on my Story a Day blog: Thirty-one Stories.

Are you ready for Story a Day 2011?